USDA organic and safe non toxic cleaning supplies

Are you in need of safe and non-toxic cleaning supplies and sick of going through grocery store aisles smelling like a bleach bottle or all the synthetic fragrances? I have the perfect products for you and they happened to be formulated with the help of a lovely couple whom I had the pleasure to meet back a few years ago at a special celebrity gifting suite. 

The products are not sold in most stores, however you can find their wool dryer balls in some TJX properties, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Homegoods. The products is called, Econuts brand products and they truly are amazing.

Direct from their 'about us,' section of their website, Econuts products are described as, "offering the healthiest cleaning options for your home. Whether you have a newborn child, skin sensitivities, or simply want to green your cleaning routine. Eco Nuts products are the safest choice for your family. From our laundry lineup to our household cleaners, all of our products are plant-based with simple ingredients and no hidden toxins. You will find that they are incredibly gentle without sacrificing any cleaning power, and you will never want to go back to tradtional detergents or cleaners again! It’s time to ditch the harsh chemicals and go for the greener clean-  an easy choice to make when it comes to protecting your family." 

From the moment I discovered their econuts laundry nuts I was hooked and recently switched to their liquid detergent as I no longer have a washer that is as friendly to the eco-nuts nuts, so liquid is just easier. 

I recently also purchased the orange scented floor cleaner and am looking forward to using it as I sprayed a spritz when I received it and it smelled wonderful, from the use of essential oils.

Definitely give these products a try and you won't be disappointed, especially knowing you are helping save the environment by minimizing waste and not using toxic chemicals or fragrances either.