Are you in search for safer skincare with results?

Are you in search for safer skincare that works and doesn't contain empty promises? If so then just click on the link here to find out more. 

I have been using Beautycounter products for over a year now and they just keep getting better. Did you know that the USA has not had any regulation since 1938 and companies continue to sell you fantasies and lies when they use the terms 'natural,' on the skincare and cosmetics you are buying?

Yes, it is fact, that there hasn't been any regulation and unless you take the time to read the labels, it is very possible you are slathering on products that are absorbing into your skin in 26 seconds or less, and not so great for you. What does all this mean?

What this means is that, the beauty industry is not necessarily looking out for your best interests. Granted some companies are taking precautions and making it their mission to protect you and your loved ones and then here comes Beautycounter, to the rescue.


 Beautycounter is a B corporation striving to do the right thing, which includes their mission to ban over 1,500 ingredients that are proven harmful and banned in most other civilized countries, like that of the EU and Canada.

One recent product that launched was such a hit it sold out in less than 24 hours and recently just came back to the warehouses, so if you want to see what Beautycounter is all about, see for yourself. 

The new 'Countermatch,' face lotion is a unisex product that uses new and rare biomimic technology to work with your skins levels of moisture. Take a look to learn more.