New year new you and new love

I realize that vulnerability doesn't fall under one particular category, but I figured why not write about it, since so many are afraid to do so.

I contemplated writing about vulnerability until now. I recently was a part of a life coaching weekend, that truly is helping me mold a new way of thinking.  We all have that one friend we call up on a whim to tell our deepest and darkest secrets to. It's always easier to just talk to a friend, then put my personal life on the world wide web, right? We even may have more than one of those friends,  in particular girlfriends, as the gossip runs deep among the fabulous female femme fatale. 

I decided why hold back what I love talking about and that is all things travel related.  Why not add in my journey of eating, praying and loving. After all I just returned from my official, eat, pray love tour throughout Bali, Indonesia.

There are so many blogs out there and website that discuss, travel, food and the hot spots, but not enough sites talking about the down and the dirty, love and how love really can bite. Love not only can bite, but it can also be amazing and awe inspiring, but getting to that end goal at times can be daunting and overwhelming. You must be thinking, what in the world is she talking about.

Remember the movie, Love bites? Well, lets talk about dating in 2018. I know a handful of friends who have met their significant others on the myriad of websites, to include Tinder, Okcupid, and Eharmony. Now, I am only writing this article from my personal opinion, and am in no way affiliated with any of these websites. 

It hasn't even been 72 hours before I returned from my trip half way around the world, but after a quick 15 hour flight my perception of dating has changed.  Why do you ask? I had a conversation with a man on the plane about tinder and the various dating apps. I also have had my own experiences using internet dating sites and boy have things changed.

Love swings


When I first jumped on back in the late 90's I didn't have the best experience. Having expectations in dating can really put a damper on the fun of finding the one. Does he or she exist and how do we find each other? Well, fast forward and now you are back swiping to find that significant other. How about looking at dating as a game of chess, moving your pieces around until you win?

Dating can be much more fun when you don't take it too seriously along with the ideals of you get out of it what you put into it, right?

Sitting on a plane for 15 hours next to a complete stranger really made me realize, we are all alike in some way, shape or form. At times we all want, what we cannot have, whether it be the shiny new pair of high heels or a brand new car, let alone the hot guy sitting at the bar later to realize his lady was just in the powder room when you thought you could sit down next to him.

Being forced to have a conversation on a long plane ride, with a complete stranger, made me realize that there really is hope out there. We discussed the idea of using tinder overseas and other dating apps. Apparently, I missed out as tinder and many of these other apps are a lot more fruitful while on the go. The United States clearly is behind the times and that same excitement can be found overseas, in places like Southeast Asia or Europe, if you aren't having much luck in the USA than why not expand your horizons.

When looking to my lovely solo female travelers group, they all agreed that dating overseas has its perks, the excitement of traveling to a foreign land and then meeting up with a foreign man (or not), adds some excitement lifes mystery.

Dating nowadays can be a bit overrated. Many people hide behind a screen and many times put up fake profiles just for entertainment.  My initial thought is why even bother and waste my time? So what do I say to that. Just keep swiping until you win your game of chess. We are now in a world of cell phones and computer screens and the idea of talking to each other has gone out the window.

Sadly, we have allowed for this new ice age of social media to get to this point. Therefore, dating has turned into just that.  Get out what you put in and you may be pleasantly surprised. Just compare it to a job, go on the interview and if you land a second date, then hey, maybe this job will be the one for you. Here's to wishful thinking and a happy and healthy new year. May you find the love you have been searching for.