Kombucha and why all the hype?

Scoby's make up kombucha drinks, but few too many really understand the significance behind what kombucha really is and how it is made.

Scoby is a, 'Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.'

What does this mean exactly for those that drink kombucha (that fizzy exploding drink), that your health loving friend drinks daily, oh yes that one. A scoby is the living home for the bacteria and yeast that transform any tea into fizzy and frothy kombucha, that warning labels read not to shake or they will explode. Note to self that one time I didn't realize the kombucha got a bit of a shake and exploded all over my car. Kombucha smells in your car for days, is not so pleasant, try it sometime. 

Actually, I don't recommend you try that at home, or if you do shake your kombucha do so with caution over a sink.  Kombucha drinks have become wildly popular in the last year and many companies are popping up.

Personally, I was drinking kombucha drinks daily, until I realized I had candida and for those that understand candida is the overgrowth of yeast. For someone with candida I would highly recommend staying away from not only kombucha but going on a sugar detox, as candida can grow from having too much sugar in the body. Kombucha may have probiotic cultures in it, but most all kombuchas are made with sugar, and tea and drinking kombucha on a regular basis can irritate the candida and add more bacterial yeast to the body, making the candida worse.

Kombucha has some positive effects as well as negative effects.

For starters kombucha is highly acidic, contains sugar and bacterial yeast so for someone with candida this may not be ideal. It has been said that kombucha can help with candida, but personally I tihnk until the candida is healed it is best to go with probiotics without sugar, which kombucha is typically made from with fermented tea.  On the other side of the coin kombucha does have positive benefits.

Kombucha has healthy bacteria for the gut, also known to many as probiotics,  can contain b vitamins and enzumes. Just realize though you are not getting a large dose of bacterial strains when drinking kombucha, but it can be of some benefit versus not having any probiotics bacteria at all.

I personally have become a big fan of Jun Kombucha. Wild tonic is a brand I highly recommend, as I have yet to see too many Jun kombucha brands on the market.  Wild tonic not only has a chic and shabby glass blue bottle, but they have less sugar than that of a kombucha with cane sugar. Another piece is if the brand you are buying is not using organic sugar and tea, you may be getting a kombucha that is not the cleanest, even if it does have probiotics in it. 

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