What is a coffee enema?

You may be reading the title of this article and wondering, what have I gotten myself into. I thought the same thing when I learned about the definition of a coffee enema during my Nutritional Therapy program last year. I thought no way in the history of coffee making am I going to do anyting of the such when I heard the word enema and became to understand that that really meant.

It wasn't until I realized how toxic my liver was in the last few months and was recommended that I perform this sacred health ritual. When I say sacred I say it with a sense of humor. 

Not everyone, including myself may be keen to the idea of taking a plastic tube, connecting it to an enema bag (commonly seen in hospitals) and filling it with filtered water that has coffee in it and putting that lovely tube in your bum hole. Yes, I just that, as an enema goes into your anus, ever so gracefully to remove toxins from your liver, but don't forget the coconut oil. This procedure, if you will has been around for a very long time, but the average person may not think about cleansing the toxins from their body with a coffee enema. 

That was until I garnered up the guts (literally) and got really really brave.

Coffee enemas are known as the Gerson therapy method. According to the Gerson therapy method, "coffee enemas are the primary method of detoxification of the tissues and blood." Coffee enemas help the liver to eliminate toxic residue from the body.

I googled a few you tube videos, yes surprisingily there are lots of you tubers who have great details on their experience, and play by play on doing coffee enemas, minus the nudity, thanks.I may spare you the actual details, but I surely won't be doing a you tube video on how to do a coffee enema. I will leave that to the people who have already recorded their one hit wonders, and reached over a million viewers. Of course I am not jealous or anything. I mean who ever thought a person would get a million hits on a video about putting coffee up your bum, yes I just said that, coffee up your bum.

The items you will need to perform a coffee enema are the following:

1. Organic coffee

2. Filtered water

3. Enema bag with tube connected

4 Organic Coconut oil

5. A towel 

I am proud to say, my first experience playing doctor on myself, turned out okay and I am still alive and breathing. Not to mention I feel so much lighter, cleaner and detoxified. If you are reading this and thinking your body might have some toxic overload, then feel free to reach out, google the details and do the research just like I did. I did enough research and reading that I knew this was the right approach for what my body was feeling. It surely made all the different and I am so thankful that I learned what a coffee enema is. So, thankful that I can now raise my hand in solidarity and say, thank you to the Gerson methods of coffee enemas and for those coffee loving growers from around the world. 

After all, what would we do without coffee to kick start our day.

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