Some of my favorite things

I get asked all the the time about products that I would recommend to others, so I figured why not put an article together of some of my favorite things and some of the companies I support.

Now to list all the companies that I support may be nearly impossible, but for starters here are some of the things that I like and why I like them.

As I am always discovering new brand and things to buy I thought it would deem appropriate to share with my readers.

A new brand and company I recently discovered was more on accident. I was looking for a new razor and happened to stumble upon the brand Preserve. They use recycled materials and also happen to to be a B corporation.  What an interesting an intriguing story that abounded from the Preserve razor and recycled plastics company. I will certainly support a fellow New Englander on their mission to make the world a better place. To read more about their story you can find it here.

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Ever want to bake but really not in the mood to bake something from scratch. Well, I have found the perfect set of allergen friendly baking mixes and goods that money can afford to buy. Simple Mills is a brand started by a young female entrepreneur when she realized there were so many mixes on the market, but most had ingredients she or her friends could not consume. Here you have it Simple Mills baking mixes, frostings, cookies, crackers and more. I recently bought their pumpking spice muffin mix and it was just what I was looknig for without the fuss. In about 40 minutes I had a beautiful and tasty muffin with a lot less sugar than most baked mixes. The beat part, is the mixes are gluten and dairy free. 

Next up is Siete foods brands, whom I have wrote about a few times already. What I like about this brand is that they are clean, use cleaner oils, in this case avocado oil is used in their snacking chips instead of some other oils like that of sunflower oil that are not as healthy. 

Another brand that is more common now and seen in most stores is So delicious. So delicous makes a wide array of dairy free goodies to include the following. So delicous makes coconut milk, dairy free ice cream, a delicous dairy free yogurt. All their products are dairy free and great to add to a smoothie, or just eat alone and can be found in a wide variety of grocery stores around.