Safer products for all found here from my readers to you

I asked my followers and reachers to compile a list of products they use and am posting them here. Now please keep in mind these are not products I have tired nor use, but  my readers recommend. One item I am looking forward to grabbing is this particular cookbook written by an avid champion boss babe and marathon runner, Shalane Flanagan and another healthy diva and Chef, Chef Elyse.

Other items that made the list include but are not limited to the following. 

Crystal mineral deoderant roll on

Desert Essence Toothpaste in Coolmint ; however my favorite is Himalaya brand in Pomegranate but flavor is really mint.

Hello toothpaste: Never tried but recommended 

Soapwalla deoderant: Never tried but recommended 

Beautycounter brand products: Tried and highly recommend

Screen Shot 2019 01 21 at 10.48.40 PM

Himalaya brand products and toothpaste: 

Stay tuned as this list with continue with more to come.