Has your skin gotten the winter blues? Is your skin feeling a bit dry and cracked from the winter snow or dry air in your neck of the woods? Well, you certainly have found yourself upon an article to help you with those winter woes. 

After discovering Beautycounter, it made me realize, you must be careful what you put on your skin, especially anything with scents as part of the ingredient list. What many people fail to realize is there has not been any regulation in the skincare and cosmetics industry for nearly 100 years. With that comes scary information about the toxins and parabens that are in your everyday products, that you buy in stores.

Beautycounter has some fantastic products, (as pictured) just two of the many products that are fabulous to help with dry, chapped, winter lips. Peppermint lip conditioner is a perfect blend of gloss and chapstick, without making your lips look or feel oily and messy, once applying the product. The soothing and calming peppermint feel comes from a blend of essential oils, as Beautycounter vows never to use any harmful ingredients, which include free of synthetic fragrances. Peppermint is not only great for soothing lips, but also great for stomach upset. A great added tid bit to keep in mind.

Lastly, everyone could treat themselves to a facial every once in a while, but usually a facial at an upscale spa, costs upwards of $100.00. Not the case with Beautycounter's charcoal face mask. The charcoal face mask is a great and inexpensive spa grade facial in a tube, that will make it easy to do while at home whilst the kids are napping, or you are enjoying your Sunday family day at home.

Ingredients include kaolin clay, and detoxifying peppermint essential oils (like that of the lip conditioner). Charcoal helps to remove impurities, opens pores and can even help in detoxifying the body by helping with acne prone skin.

These are just two of the many Beautycounter products offered at Beautycounter. 

IMG 1360

IMG 8761 ctypeBeautycounter skincare at it's finest with the new packaging that was released in 2016 to create a fresher and clean look.


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Enrich body butter
  • Rejuvenating radiance serum
  • Rejuvenating face cleanser
  • Safer products 
  • No phthalates, sulfates, parabens or any secrets
  • (READ "Our Mission")

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