Healthy fats, oils and the snacks you should be eating

Do you hear the word fat and cringe at the idea of it? Do you think that low fat is something that is healthy for you? If you are thinking any of the above then it is very wise that you read this article. 

Many of you all know that fat is a word that many are not fans of. Nobody wants to be called fat or eat fats, or do they? Fat is one of those things that is overated yet also underrated and many are confused about. 

Do you remember the days of all snacks in the snack aisle being fat free, or low fat. The low fat and fat free phenomenon are a thing of the past and America and the rest of the generations need to get with the times.

Believe it or not fat is something that is good for you. The only issue with fats is some people don't break down fats as well as others, so consuming the right fats is key to healthy nutrition.

There are various types of fats and understanding each one is essential to understanding the health behind fats for your nutritional intake.

Polysaturated fats are fats that the body does not make on its own. Therefore, you must get polyunsaturated fats from foods and these are essential fats that the body needs. Eating these fats reduces the harmful LDL cholesterol and improves the overall cholesterol profile. Fats not only add to our bodies nutrients, but they do things like keep our skin soft, add fat soluble vitamins to the body and are a great source of energizing fuel.

One key piece is that there are bad fats and people need to know the different between good versus bad fats. There certainly are fats that can clog the arteries, known as trans-fats.

Trans-fats are the fats that need to be extremely limited but the fats that we should be consuming are the healthy, saturated dietary fats.

Saturated fats are the fats that are found in butter, cheese, whole raw organic milk and fatty meats. A great company that I highly recommend to get grass fed and finished beef and chicken and so many other varietals of meats is Buy Ranch Direct. They are local to the Southern California area and can be found at local farmers markets, along with their offering to ship online. I have been buying their meats locally for over a year and have never been disappointed. I also can appreciate supporting a local family business that supports other co-ops of farmers within the area. 

Another key fact about fats is staying clear of various oils that seem to be found in so many American snacks these days, along with other countries are following suit, as the cheaper oils are making it easier to add to foods. As a result these oils, like soybean oil, cottonseed oil, canola are manipulated and heat treated and can provide long term detrimental health issues. How so you ask? These hydrogenated, trans fats, typically have been artificially manipulated and can interfere with insulin receptors in the human body. As a result the manipulation of the chemical compounds of these oils, can be linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes, so try to stay clear of any foods containing these seed oils. 

Another important fact is you should never buy any oils that are in plastic containers. If you think you are doing your body justice by buying the most economical product at your local Costco, you have got it all wrong. Spend the extra money and invest in the dark, opaque, glass bottle from your local health food store. If you are concerned with price and on a budget, another option is your local Trader Joes market which has a variety of great options of healthy oils that are sold in dark glass bottles.

IMG 3056

Photo pictured: Fat bombs with coconut oil, cinnamon and cashew butter

Some recommendations of healthy foods for foods that you can consume on a daily basis include, organic grass fed butters, avocados, organic and non genetically modified (non-gmo) coconut oils for great fatty acid content, raw nuts butter, raw cacao butters, flaxseeds and flaxseed oils and lastly organic eggs from your local farmer or farmers market if available.