How to eat healthy during your international travels

foodphotobaliToday's Eat, Pray, Love tour brought to you by the official frog whisperer and healthy foodie in Bali, Indonesia.

As I sit here on the balcony of a luscious and somewhat remote villa in Canggu, Bali I reflect on the day that has passed. I listen to the sound of noisy frogs and crickets, whilst mosquitos flock to the bright light of my computer screen and little toads jump on the balcony startling me to only realize it is a harmless little frog coming for a visit.

As a solo female traveler that has made the 22 hour trek to Bali, Indonesia, by way of Singapore I realized how important it is as a traveler and foodie to discuss the importance of eating healthy and nourshing your body while on the go.

As a newly certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, why not find the best way to stay healthy while on the go traveling out of your realm of reality.

It is not everyday that you stop and think about what you will eat while spending hours on end on a plane while being magically transported l to aforeign land to the one you were born in. What does all this mean?

Well, many people don't realize that flying on a plane can be quite toxic to the psyche and to detox from flying on an aircraft, eating healthy is eminent after flying for such an arduous and long flight, like the one I completed days ago from The United States to Singapore and Bali, Indonesia. 

It is a wonderful thing to be able to come to a country, that is rich in carbohydrate rich rice fields and know that there is more than just rice being grown here. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the rice fields more than ever now that I have seen the locals working feverishly among mud, bugs and greenery to cultivate one of the worlds most traded crop, rice.  Not to mention the hard work that goes into cultivating rice, but it is indescribable the views of vast and lush greenery of the rice fields as you drive through the countryside and local villages. I never imagined seeing rice fields everywhere you turn.

After visiting Indonesia I will never look at the way I eat rice the same.

Interestingly enough rice is the worlds second most traded cereal crop according to some online statistical data about rice that I retrieved. It is a staple crop that is traded on the commodities market and countries like that of India and Africa are also large producers of the crop.

With that said, rice may be a staple to the Asian diet, but too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Rice can turn into sugar in the body, so limiting the consumption is key, especially while basking in the glorious sun and galavanting around town to the various eating establishments. Any carbohydrate for that matter needs to be eaten in moderation and accordingly paired with a protein as it is broken down differely when eaten alone. 

Healthy eating in Bali isn't a difficult feat to come by as the city is layered with healthy and organic establishments.

I started off my day with some flaxseed crackers, smoked salmon, organic lettuce and fresh kiwi. All of this I found at the local market in the towns center, known as Pepito's. The name of the grocery store sounds like it is straight out of a Mexican western themed movie, but it is not even close to fitting that description in a movie scene. After a yoga session for soothing the soul and mind, a one and a half hour massage was truly needed after being couped up. with a crooked neck after sleeping in a seat and being transported in a metal capsule for the long journey to Asia.

Following my massage I ventured into the local center of town of Canggu, here in Indonesia. Lucky for me I found a lovely spot that I came across online, just days before. I wasn't specifically looking for it on my exploration of the town, but happily stumbled upon Betelnut Cafe. To my surprise it wasn't very busy, but soon filled up to the brimg with fellow travelers alike.

The menu consisted of healthy and delightful dishes., appetizers and smoothies.The dish I ended up with was a nice quinoa bowl that included, sweet potatoes, quinoa, chicken, bok choy, pickeled cabbage, mushrooms and a lovely sauce that added a bit of flavor. The starter options were also lovely and I started off with the chicken spring rolls wraps which were a great choice to have as they were light, but not too filling.

After my meal I grabbed a smoothie to go that included fresh dates, cashew milk, a dash of chocolate syrup and some cashews for a pack of protein. 

On the way home in the evening, having such a filling lunch I decided I only wanted to grab a small bite to go and with that pumpkin soup became the obvious choice at the local Cafe Organic which has only been open for one year. They call themselves the 'Garden Gangstas,' which I find appealing and quite intriguing as I live in a city that often tauts gangsta rap by way of some old school rap and hip hop. 

This restaurant truly caters those who are vegan, gluten free or just want a healthy and or raw organic snack to take on the road. That is exactly what I did and to my delight I enjoyed my creamy dairy and gluten free pumpkin soup, followed up by a gluten and dairy free devilish treat for a small dessert.