The term natural in a not so natural industry

Are you confused every time you pick up a new food?

I was too until I started writing, reviewing and blogging about the natural products space over eight years ago. I started my first blog in 2018, when my sister was diagnosed with celiac disease.  I myself also realized I had some food sensitivities and went to get an endoscopy and colonscopy which certainly wasn't a trip to Disnelyand.

It was then that I realized that it wasn't just about gluten free foods that I should be writing about, but a variety of foods. Fast forward eight years later, and here I am with a new website and a lot more experience. Not to mention I am also officially certified as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant too, so this is truly a passion of mine when it comes to educating you all on what really is in your products and foods.

After years of experience and working within the, 'natural products industry,' I have become much more aware of everything around me that fits into the 'natural' category. If you don't live on a farm and don't grow your own veggies, then I highly advise you start paying closer attention to the foods you are buying and putting into your body.

This is where I have learned how vital it is to live in a place where there are regular weekday and weekend farmers markets. I have grown to love the idea that I can choose any day of the week and find a local farmers market throughout southern California. If you are reading this knowing you don't have access to farms or a farmers market, then you can do your best to support local. This could be a local farmer in your area or local grocery stores that supply locally based agriculture that comes from smaller family farms.

Here's looking at you

Now, if you don't have access to any of this 'naturally' grown produce, then your local foods store will have to do the trick, unless of course you have space to grow a small garden. Now let's discuss more of the household items that we see in stores that you are buying on a regular basis, such as cosmetics, supplements and home cleaning aids. Many fail to realilze that these items coined, 'natural,' are all but natural.  Don't get me wrong there are a lot of amazing products that are naturally based, but many products on the market add ingredients that are just really unnecessary. For example a lot of foods add ingredients like syrups, stabilizers and gums. 

In the health and beauty space companies do a good job at adding various chemicals to your everyday products and home aids you and your family are using, yet you would never know they are harmful for you, until now. I am here to educate you on what safer beauty and safer foods mean. Sometimes companies source specific ingredients and they are able to keep the cost down to include various not so 'natural,' ingredients.  A perfect example of this is the color red that is found in so many cosmetics.

Carmine is usually the way it is listed and you might be surprised to learn where the origin of carmine comes from. According to this article, and many published sources you will come to learn that carmine is from beetles. The most interesting part is it takes about 70,000 beetles to make a pound of red dye. This is just one example of the red colorant in your lipstick not being so , ehem natural. In the next post I am going to share with you some of my favorite brands that you may grow to love too.