Cleaner foods, safer skincare and supplements

So, if you read my last article you will be be jazzed to find out that I am writing a follow up article about some of my favorite brands.

There are so many 'natural' products, yet that aren't truly natural, but the products that I want to showcase in the food space along with health and beauty space are showcased below and here's why. There will be more where this is coming from. 

For starters food and health and beauty are difficult to be lumped into one. So let's start with some of my favorite food brands followed up by many supplement brands that i am a huge fan of, for many reasons.

Kite Hill: They make a myriad of spreads, cheeses and dairy free yogurts made from a nut milk base, mostly almonds Ricotta cheese and cream cheese spreads made from almonds, a must try for a vegan that wants to still make a deliciously tasting lasagna or food preparation with these ingredients.


Miyoko's (nut) cheeses: Seemingly fantastic nut based cheeses (mostly cashews and almonds) 

Heido Ho vegan cheeses: Veggie based vegan cheese, great to pour over veggies or for your nacho cheese fix, without the dairy with fantastic flavors and tastes.

Pacific foods soups/broths/liquid dairy free milks Pacific foods soups/broths/liquid dairy free milks:  Pacific foods does a wide range of staples to make your perfect soup or whip up the perfect smoothie

Manini's : Great tasting and fresh gluten free pastas for your pasta fix made without the majorly processed grains. 

Supplements brands:

Garden of Life: USDA organic and non-gmo supplement brand, that is also a B corporation. (Doing good by the consumer, earth and so much more)

Organic India tea and Supplements: Another reputable brand who is also a B corporation.

Enzymedica: Has a great assortment of various digestive of enzymes 

Integrative Therapeautics: Great supplement brand that is only available through practioners

Rebbl: Matcha Green tea drink

Kor Shots: Wellness, charcoal shots- wellbeing

Pamela‚Äôs products: Non-gmo gluten free and dairy free baking mixes and bars 

Buy Direct Farms (local to California) ships Internationally-

The Real Coconut: by Daniella Hunter (inspired by a Restaurant inTulum, Mexico
Enjoy Life Foods- free of top seven allergens

Gaia Herbs: Supplement brand with many herb supplement

Cypress Grove- Goat cheeses (purple haze, plain + pepper)