What is the secret behind maca powder?

Being involved in the supplement world and nutritional space I get asked on a weekly basis what the secret behind Maca powder is. 

I am not so sure if there is a secret but a few basic tips on the uses of maca powder.

Maca is a cruciferous root vegetable that grows in the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Maca is known to help your body produce a better balance of your hormones. It is considered an adaptogenic-like botanical that works to help balance the endocrine system.

Maca root works by helping the body make more Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), which is the only food that is known to have this effect. IGF-1 is very important for hormone balance, glucose metabolism and bone strength.

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Research has shown that maca root supports healthy estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels in mammals. Some additional health benefits provided by maca are relieves PMS symptoms and hot flashes, helps with mood swings, supports regular menstrual periods, help support vaginal lubrication, provides help with sexual vitality and energy, and can help support healthy thyroid function. So, if you are thinking of getting some maca from the local health food store consider grabbing a high quality GMP (Good Manufacturing practice) Maca powder. 

It is ideal to get an organic and non-gmo maca powder too. Gelatinized is best as it is a lot easier for the body to absorb it and break it down.