Probiotics and why you need them

As a certified nutritional therapy consultant and big proponent of probiotics I wanted to share my sentiments on probiotics.

As I say on a daily basic our bodies are full of millions, even trillions of good bacteria as well as possibly bad bacteria. As we age we lose a lot of our bifido bacteria which is found in the colon. Most humans have been on a course of 17 antibiotics in their life time and for those of you that don't know, antibiotics means 'against life,' and probiotics mean, 'for life.'

It happens quite often that I get messages from friends, asking me what the best probiotics are.

Most of the probiotic supplements include Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, which are two of the most well known and studied strains.

I personally can tell you I am a fan of one particular brand as I have had a limited trial of probiotics that I have personally tried. My absolutely favorite brand of probiotics is the Dr. Formulated line by Garden of Life. The particular probiotics I use are the women's once daily for travel when I am low on my Dr. Formulated mood probiotics. The mood probiotics is a life saver for those moody, blues days. Why you ask? The mood probiotic is not only gluten free, but it contains L-helviticus which is a clinically studied strain to help with overall well being and mood. It also contains my favorite herb known as ashwaganda.   

Ashwaganda is an adaptogenic herb that is ayurvedic and typically native to India. Ashwaganda has shown results to help lower cortisol as well as balance thyroid hormones. It has also been known to enhance stamina and has incredible properties to help relieve and manage stress. Many in India refer to it as Indian ginseng for it's amazing properties for overall health.

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These probiotics are called Dr. Formulated because they are formulated with the help of Dr. David Perlmutter who is a board certified neurologist and New York Times best selling author. One of the two books he authored is one of my favorites and I recommend often to consumers, which is known as Grain Brain.

There are many other probiotics on the market, but I personaly have not tried too many other brands, so as long as you check out the bacterial strain count and you have at least 15-20 strains, along with 30-50 Billion CFU's (colony forming units) than you should have a good probiotic. Just ensure you are buying a probiotic that has a healthy expiration date and you know is a reputable company.