My new favorite nut that is keto friendly

No I am not talking about you silly! I am talking about the new nut from Southeast Asia that has yet to reach its peak in popularity yet.

Recently attended the Nutritional Therapy Association's annual conference, seeing as I am now a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant.

To my demise there was a variety of vendors and booths to discover new products.  Of course the usual supplements were at the conference, along with some interesting and exciting products, including my new favorite goat ghee, collagen creamer, emu oil supplements .

One product that truly stood out is a type of nut that I had not heard of before, and quite possible you have not either.


This nut is sourced from high above in the trees of the Phillipines. Not only is this nut one that is not on supermarket shelves, but it is a difficult product to source, so it has not yet made its way to the USA yet for mass production. The coolest part I know this will be a nut we will start seeing a lot more of. I ended up at Expo West, the yearly trade show of over 80,000 people that work within the Natural products space. Guess what I saw this, the Pili nut.

The booth I first approached at my practitioner conference was the guys from the company, the Pili Hunters.Pili Hunters. You may be wondering what is so great about these Pili nuts, and I am here to spill the nuts, or was the saying, 'spill the beans.'

Pili nuts are high in fat, but of course the good fats, that our bodies need and low in carbohydrates. Pili nuts have a very rich taste and if blended they are as smooth as butter. The taste is not like any other nut I have had before and is very uniqure and addictive.  The nuts are sourced by hand oversease and then sprouted by means of soaking in salt water and then followed up with dehydration. This allows for the least amount of resources to be used to harvest these nuts in the Philippines. 

Pili nuts benefits include: high in fats, magnesium, manganse, Vitamin B1 and so much more. These nuts are the perfect snack for an outdoor adventure or if you are like me have to have snacks to travel. The Pili Hunters also produce pili nut butter with the use of organic coconut oil and focus on sustainable production along the way, using the least amount of resources possible. Pili nuts are also keto friendly for those following a keto diet, due to their high fat content.