An epidemic and why is there no cure?

I sit here trying to contain my feelings and tears from running down my face. What better way then to write it all down and put it on 'paper.' One thing I realize I love doing is writing. This is the reason for my website and the fact I love to share my love for all things related to healthy lifestyles, food and all things nutrition.  Am I about to just openly admit that I just devoured my feelings in a third of a bag of kettle cooked, olive oil dusted potato chips, well, sure did. 

I have no shame int the fact I ate a healthy dinner, grass fed ground lamb meat and some green beans, to then ruin that lovely dinner with some potato chips, neither which was a good choice and or paleo.  Since trying to heal my digestive tract I have been doing my utmost best to be on a paleo restricted diet. Why you may ask? Well, leaky gut, candida and h. pylori have been wreaking havoc in my body. 

Ironically enough, this post is not about me though.  This post is about the fact I cannot understand and fathom the fact that my close friend is currently fighting for her life in a hospital bed, and why you may ask, cancer. The answer to this horribly sad story is cancer. I for the life of me will never understand, or maybe one day, how and why so many people are being diagnosed with this horrible disease. I have seen my very own mother battle cancer now three times, and now to see my friend endure this horrible disease it is truly unfathomable, so much I decided to write about it.

When will companies stop being greedy and start caring about human life. Why do I make this bold and daring statement you ask. Well, in the United States, now for so many years major companies have been spraying our crops, yes your local farmers who you thought may be clean and honest, may have been using glyphosate and toxic chemicals that not only infiltrate our food, but also our airways.  Nobody is really talking about the fact Cancer is an epidemic.  More people are concerned with the fact there are mothers and fathers making decisions on whether nor not they should vaccinate their child. Who is talking about the fact that cancer is spreading at an alarming rate. 

What in the world is going on that so many people are getting cancer. I wish I could tell you it was on particular thing that we could easily fix, but it's not so easy. So many things are now in our environments, that we would have to live in a bubble to protect ourselves.  What I do know is that I wish the world were a safer place. I wish we could know what our farmers are using to feed their animals. I wish I could do more. I wish there was a cure for cancer. I wish I wasn't having to type this post knowing that something in our environment is harming our humans. Something is ruining the health we once had. Our soil is no longer full of nutrients and minerals. Our soil is becoming depleted from the lack of nutrients due to the effects of farming gone bad. 

I just wish that someday someone would find a cure for cancer. These are my wishes for us all and so much more. This post is in dedication to my dear from Shannon who is a warrior like no other I have met. 

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