A personal journey of healing

Hello there!

Welcome to my little world, of online blogging and my website Globalfoodtraveler.com.

However you may have stumbled across my page or found my website, I am grateful and humbled you are here and thank you for sharing my love for writing, travel, food and all things nutrition and health.  Today I decided to sit down and talk about the journey I have faced the last 12 months that has led me here.

As an avid traveler and foodie at heart I have struggled with eating since 2010 when my sister was diagnosed with celiac disease and I had all sorts of digestive issues. My digestive issues didn't happen overnight, but as my sister became more aware of her autoimmune disease (AI) then, I became more aware of the problems I was facing within my gut, which have since worsened.

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What sort of 'issues,' you ask?

Well, since I am so honest and open on my website why not share the real deal, nitty gritty harsh details of what many doctors diagnose as 'leaky gut.' Essentially what leaky gut really is, is when the lining of the intestines becomes inflammed and just about everything you eat, isn't being absorbed and causes some sort of unpleasant effect. My insane love for all things dairy came to a major hault in 2010 along with all gluten products. If you know the infamous term, 'GLUTEN,' you know that means just about EVERYTHING in the grocery aisle, to include but not limited to, most refined carbohydrates, breads, pastas and the list goes on. 

I took my love for learning about gluten free to start blogging on my first website, formerly known as glutenfree18.com, which has now evolved to this beauty of a website.

So, now we fast forward, after having traveled to Costa Rica (as seen in above photo), Thailand and Bali the last few years.  My what could be diagnosed as 'leaky gut,' has gotten progressively worse and now resulting in what many know as histamine issues. Say what you ask yourself? What does all this mean? Every time I eat foods I end up, many a time with breaking out in hives. Basically, my body is not accepting the foods I am eating and in some way shape or form, my skin is talking to me telling me, no way Jose.  

After seeinng three doctors, an allergist and a naturopath over the years I began to become frustrated. After working in the natural products industry for the past four years I have learned so much about organic and non-gmo food and supplements and in 2017 decided to get a certification in Nutritional therapy which led me to where I am today. 

As a Nutritional therapist I have not only met some incredible people and practioners, but I was able to find another practitioner working full time in the industry.  Through this help I have learned that I have some serious bacterial issues that I have 'acquired' over the years along with some parasites that also crept in.  Look up the term giardia and see what comes up, not so pleasant right?  These invaders are not welcome and I am working on a path to rid them from my digestive system and gut. The worst part of this journey these invaders in my gut have caused many issues including messing with hormones and my levels affecting my overall mood, which I am so grateful has been corrected since I have been on my new protocol.

The reason I share this information with you today is I officially realized how important gut health is after hearing it for the last four years through my career in the nutrition space. My world has been a bit foggy and fuzzy with a foggy brain, also coined, leaky brain. by Dr. Mark Hyman, who just recently published a series of videos all about nutrition and how the brain and gut are interconnected. I can speak from my own experience about this as my brain was so foggy and I was having the hardest time remembering the easiest words that would normally come so easily to me. Having crystal clear thinking the last month truly has been something I won't take advantage of any longer. 

If you are like me and having health issues, know you are not alone and you can get through this. Do research, be accountable for what you are eating, yes it is not easy I can speak from this personally. Discipline is everything in this life and if you can do it with food you can do it with anything.  I hope you enjoyed reading a bit more about where my story and health issues have lied and I will happily update you all on the coming months as I continue to heal this leaky gut.