Calling all snack lovers: Lily pops are here

Calling all snack lovers who love to indulge but not indulge too much. I have discovered a new snack, with low fat, low protein and just the right amount of carbohydrates, unless you eat the entire bag.  This is where my problem lies. I have always been into finding healthier snacks, especially for my travels or on the go. I like to even have emergency snacks in my car, as you just never know when your day will be thrown for a tail spin and vere off course. Grabbing a bag of lily pops, won't leave you starving, and may just get you through to your next meeting, or safely help you arrive at your next destination, especially in L.A. traffic.

As a nutritional therapist I know the importance of nourisng your body daily, but also am not blind to the fact we all have desires and wants and cravings. I know myself I have been battling some gut health issues for over a year now and there are times when I just want a crunchy snack.  It has proven very difficult to find snacks, that don't have a bunch of added junk and ingredients, as well as nasty and unhealthy, fats and oils.  Here I finally found a snack without all the bad junk.  Here, I introduce my new favorite snack and obsession, Taali lily pops.

I personally am not supposed to be having any foods high in sugar, carbohydrates and I have a very limited food list of foods that are high in histamines and ingredients I cannot be eating.

So, if you are like me, then you will be thrilled to know Taali lily pops are a new snack on the market, that does not contain, gluten, dairy of nuts and to top it off, it is grain free. Not to mention all this, but they are algo non-gmo verified and certified, no artificial flavors, don't have any maltodextrin (usually from gmo corn), free of corn, vegan, roasted not fried and even include a bit of protein (6 grams per bag). Again with all this, be very careful as it is so easy to devour the entire bag in one sitting, they are THAT good!

This particular snack is newer to the snack space as I have only actually seen two companies who are sourcing and producing lily seeds.  Lily seeds are native to india (as of publishing date of this article September 2019).  Working in the nutrition space full time I get to see and have an introduction to many of the snacks and foods that come onto the food scene. These snacking seeds were in stores, but oddly I never noticed them or bought them until a friend of mine mentioned she got some at a food event.

I happened to come across the pink salt flavor in one of the retailers I frequent and grabbed a bag. I was instantly hooked. Taali pops were showcased at Expo West in 2018, but I failed to see them at the expo.

Taali pops recently had another debut at Natural products expo East 2019 and the founder mentioned they will be re-releasing two of the current flavors, tikka masala and the turmeric flavor which will both be vegan. They currently have whey in the recipe, so for those like me who cannot have dairy, this is exciting news. 

Taali pops are sourced in India from water lily seeds.  According to the Taali website, they describe their product, "Water lily pops are made from seeds of an aquatic crop, known as Euryale Ferox (part of the water lily family).  This plant is found largely in Northern India and is an extremely important crop for the farmers of that region. Lily seedshave been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for many centuries and also find an important place in the practice of Ayurveda."  They go on to explain how the seeds are sourced and maintained. 

"The seeds from the Water Lily Plant are harvested, graded, dried and then popped to get this all natural plant based snack" The company, "carefully slow roasts the popped seeds," which gives the seeds their crunchy and tasty texture.  So, if you haven't gotten your hands on a bag of lily pops, make sure to head on over to their site to grab a bag, or maybe follow my lead and grab six, as you will never want to run out, they are THAT delicious. 

A great place to grab some packs of Lily pops is thrive market online. To save 25% click here and you can order as many bags as you would like.

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