California dreaming with Dream pops

Have you gone to the grocery store lately and been shocked to see empty shelves and empty dreams these last few weeks?

Well, I am right there with you.

 My California dreams and travel birthday celebrations will commence and life can resume back to normal, whatever that word, 'normal,' really means, we shall find out.

Imagine having your '40th' milestone birthday in the midst of an epidemic turned pandemic. A trip to Nashville with your close friends, CANCELLED, your future trip to Tahiti on hold. 

On my way home a week or so ago I stopped at the store to pick up my  favorite dairy free chocolate, Hu gems, yet those were sold out. That is when I decided and thought, what local brand can I support that I had not tried yet? In that moment is when I saw what I was going to buy to complete my pandemic birthday hunt.  Dreampops made it home to my freezer and I was now a happy birthday girl, granted as happy as a birthday celebration can be during a pandemic.

How my decision came about was I had seen a post by the founder's CEO weeks back when we found out our largest natural foods trade show was cancelled due to everything going on.

So, all I thought was now is the time more than ever to support local businesses trying to get their launch into the world of consumer packaged goods.

Forget the chocolate gems and move over dairy free fans as I certainly scored big when I decided to give these dream pops a chance. The flavor I chose was ceremonial matcha green tea, vanilla.

I grabbed a bag to ensure I liked them and immediately opened them up when I arrived home. I was hooked and am now a huge fan, of not only the brand, but the product.  

I went back to Wholefoods the following week when panic was setting in and was shocked to see all the matcha flavor was sold out.

Imagine your birthday plans crushed and now your hopes of grabbing a bag of dream pops to celebrate your birthday?  Then you think, what next?

Apocalypse for chocolate, fine wine and all things icecream were just the beginning of this pandemic. So to no avail I would not have a refill on my new favorite pops. I guess this is where it would leave me California dreaming until the next dream pop trip. The positive side to some of this pandemic is people need to eat and I get that.

So, I am so glad they have discovered my California dream pops too. 


Screen Shot 2020 03 26 at 12.14.46 AM

The amazing things about this is that consumer packaged goods brands (CPG) companies are seeing spikes in sales they have never before seen.  Desperate times call for desperate dream pop measures. This California dream that came to a quick halt, just got reignited when I exchanged a few instagram messages with the company's CEO to see that they believe in their consumers as well as anyone who is supporting their brand now and in the future. Stay tuned, as I will have some dream pops coming soon.

If you like me want to try this great brand, definitely look for them in your nearby grocer, or drop a letter off and request they carry them in your local store. 

Try ordering them online or at a local retailer near you.