Have you just been told you cannot eat gluten or dairy or...?

Have you recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or told you need to rid your life of gluten or dairy? Well, you are not alone. This happened to me over six years ago and I have been fortunate enough to have been a writer for Examiner.com, (who is no longer online) and also as a guest writer for many companies that produce gluten and dairy free options in the natural products industry.

In 2010 I went to a gastroenterologist to find out why my stomach was always bloated and in pain. They put me under general anestesia to go through a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The short of this is you are knocked out and a very uncomfortable tube is put into your body via your colon and throat. You wake up feeling queasy and wondering where you are, per the normal feeling of anestesia. 

What is more frustrating after going through such an intense procedure is knowing that you don't truly have a diagnosis, that is helpful. The diagnosis was to stay away from soy and dairy products, yet keep on eating gluten. This one is mind blowing especially when gastro doctors study the gastro system, yet still are not up to date on the latest food allergies and intolerances. Fast forward to 2016, another gastroenterologist and two allergists later, still no specific diagnosis. 

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Like many we all suffer from gut issues, but is being told you have IBS really going to help you in the long run? Without any advice and a process of elimination, it is finally time to find out if there is any real diagnosis, by visiting a naturopathic doctor. 

If you are like me and frustrated with trying to find out what foods you should and should not eat, then you have come to the right website. I am happy to help you and recommend great foods, that are not only healthy, but a fit for your diet.

Please join me in this journey to health and wellness in the New Year and beyond.