What supplements should you take?

thumb IMG 0754 1024Talking to more than a dozen people a week on a daily basis, it starts to concern me when your everyday consumer enters  a health food store and has no information about wholefood vitamins, let alone supplements.

They ask questions, and hope for an answer to their health concerns, or the concern for their family because Western medicine may not longer be working.

Having experience in the supplement and health industry as well as writing for six years for my previous online blog, has opened up to my world into the food and supplement industry. What many fail to realize is that they aren't being educated on what they should be taking and have to ask strangers for help or refer to the internet.

I felt it was vital to bring you this website to help answer your concerns and put your mind at ease, when it comes to supplements and foods, including gluten and dairy free foods.

Been diagnosed lately or told you need a whole food vitamin? You have come to the right place.

The opinions on this website are my own opinions and formed from years of working in the natural products industry and with other educators and nutritionists who have years of experience.