Gluten and dairy free Fonuts, but why not donuts?

You must be wondering why in the world there are photos of donuts in the nutrition section of the website. 

For starters this website is all about food, fun and nutrition, so you will definitely notice some posts about great food in and around the places I travel to and get to try out. Like many of you readying you probably are like me and not able to consume gluten or dairy or one of those sad ingredients that are in just about EVERYTHING!

img 1726This website is focused on finding you nutritious meals and the occasional cheat snack to satisfy that simple craving you have.

These donuts pictured are from a local bakery in Los Angeles, CA located on third street. It is known as Fonuts and has been written up in various articles for their take on a donut without the gluten or dairy. They have options that don't hold the gluten as well, for those that don't need to limit their diet.

Pictured here are: Raspberry, lemon, original and coffee. All are as delectable as they look. Be sure to call before making the trek as something they close early if they sell out, they are THAT good! Donut you want to try them now?