Miracle Tarts

Can I get a hail merry for this holiday season or every day of the year? 

Hail Merry has outdone themselves this holiday season with their new flavors of miracle tarts.

They not only taste amazing, but are high in good fats and won't pack on the pounds unless of course you eat the entire six pack. Why not pop open a bottle of your favorite wine or almond egg nog and head on over to www.hailmerry.com to grab your batch no short of a miracle.

IMG 8675This holiday season they had strawberry rhubarb and sweet potato and recently I was able to locate Egg nog tarts at my local grocer. You can also buy them online if your local retailer does not carry them in the grocery section.

The best part about these little miracle tarts are that they are non-gmo, certified clean, gluten free, dairy free and paleo friendly. How can this be, you may ask? The tarts are made with coconut, almonds and cashews, so if you have an allergy to any of these ingredients, then pass them onto a friend or family member, as they are too good to waste.