Good fats come in all sizes

Fad diets will always exist. The one thing that needs to exist and co-exist is the idea that eating healthy and 'good fats, is something that people need to understand better. So much confusion still exists on eating and what is good for your body and diet.

It's like the movie, 'A few good men,' but a few good fats. Fats that are completely necessary and nourishment to your body are not limited to but as follows. 

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1. Avocados

2.Nuts (fats from nuts are a great source as well as protein)- just don't eat the entire bag

3. Coconut oil

4. Olive oil

5.Nut butters (if not allergic to nuts)

These are just some fats that are totally safe to add to your diet if you are looking for some healthy options in the New Year.