Expo West 2017 is a wrap

Expo west 2017 has finally come to an end. Expo West is where nearly 100,000 people from the natural products space come together to celebrate all things food, ingredients, products, supplements and more food.


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 Natural products Expo 2017 surely was a hit this year. It appears the most popular items were powdered peanut butter which is surely packing a punch, crackers and cake mixes as always. Not far behind in the neighboring space of the Anaheim convention center were scientists mixing up ingredients for protein formulations, and so many supplements you could create a rainbow of colors like a bag of skittles. It's quite a surprise we haven't turned to powdered almond butter, yet the hype is all for peanut butter. Foodies unite with salad dressing options, salads and packaged goods galore for that foodie fan favorite. So, many more great information to mention, but for now sleep is calling my name, especially with the mood + probiotic (with ashwaganda) sitting by my bed side. Ever need a relaxing nights sleep or help with your depression, then you certainly want ashwaganda in your life. Known for it's mind and body ayurvedic properties, it could have you sleeping in a wink.

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I was so happy to find some companies that are doing good by giving back or being part of the B corporation movement and doing good by you, as the consumer. 

A few photos from my four days at expo are enclosed and a follow up article will commence with details of my new favorite brands. For now I need to catch up on four days of sleep, but until then happy reading.