Belize it or not with sustainable travel

Spring break is approaching quickly and many college students and families will be taking a break from the worries of the world and heading to local and foreign destinations. Lucky for me I will be one of those curious travelers and 'belize it or not,' heading on over to Belize and I couldn't be more excited. If I had it my way I would travel the globe for a living, but that is still a work in progress, however, dreams do come true if you believe in them right?

I am still waiting on blowing out my March birthday candle to make a wish, so there is still hope. 

Image below: Image from a local map website; to be replaced with an image from Belize.

Screen Shot 2017 03 24 at 11.56.57 PM





It is extremely exciting to know that the resort that we chose to stay at recently won the National Geography Legacy award along with the 2017 Trip advisor selection award.

It appears when your friends send you over recommendations when they meet the owner of an award winning vacation spot, you say 'Cha ching,' and head on over to Chaa Creek, where they are 'wildly civilized.' 

I am looking forward to a tranquil stay in the jungle, horseback organic farm tours, cave explorations along with the ever so famous Mayan ruins all throughout Belize.

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