Have you ever traveled alone as a female?

For those of you ladies wondering what it is like to travel alone as a family, guess what? It is actually VERY easy and I have the information for you here. I can tell you first hand that I have been traveling alone since I discovered the art of flying on a plane back in 2001, when I took my first trip to London to study abroad in college. 

Did I say art? I said art of flying because flying is not for everyone. I absolutely love to fly, minus the occasional airport hassels, but flying for me, is exciting, invigorating and eye opening. One key piece is know what to pack and know how to pack, meaning don't take too much and if you do, know you can always leave it behind, yes that is okay to do. Someone always is in need of something that you may have. Remember less is more, especially if you plan on going shopping or bringing any souvenirs home.

Now you must be thinking why one would say flying is eye opening, but perfect example. I am currently writing this from an amazing quaint, (almost secret),small town in Costa Rica.


Nosara, Costa Rica sunset


On my way here, let me tell you I have already met people in the airport, on the plane and upon landing. Yes, you may be reading this and think, well I know this author and she is quite friendly, but you don't need to be a complete extrovert to have a quick conversation with someone sitting next to you on the plane, or do you?

I actually am quite the extrovert, but truly love me time, hence my love for traveling alone.

When you travel alone, you discover things about yourself that you never thought you would learn and about those around you. You not only learn about yourself, but you discover your surroundings and quite frankly, become more aware of them. 

When we are living our lives, we are so glued to our phones that it is quite unfathomable, as to what is happening around us.

Take a minute out of your day to stop and put your phone down and notice how many people are constantly on their phones, and doing nothing but that. They are scrolling through instagram, facebook, snapchat or twitter and if a car was about to hit them, they wouldn't even know, right?

I myself am guilty of all of the above, but in this time of electronics and digital, we have put ourselves into this hole that we may never come out of. 


Costa Rica beach
Hanging in Costa Rica beachside

 For this exact reason, is why I love to leave my comfort zone and travel the globe. I hope to one day be able to travel the rest of this globe and see the rest of this amazing earth and foundation we live on. Traveling gives me a sense of gratefulness that I do not get from other things. When you travel to a country less fortunate than the USA, you understand what it is like to have less, make less or live with less. 

Traveling as a female, really is not that difficult, you might just need to be more aware of your surroundings. A few key tips to know are what you must do while traveling alone.

Listen more intently to what is around you, see better with what you feel and hear around you, use your eyes, senses and common sense, should you have it. Why would I say something so bold, well quite frankly I believe we all have met someone who doesn't have a lick of common sense in their bodies, yes they do exist. I feel bad for those humans.

Either way, traveling alone is one of the best things I have ever done. I get asked often, wait what, you are going to a foreign country on your own? Yes, guys and gals the world doesn't stop because someone cannot be by your side 24/7 to hold your hand. I actually met a young guy last night who said he is traveling alone for the first time. He said he is working on self and wanted to do just that and kudos to him. He was nearly 30, so now or never, it is never too late to do something bold and brave.

Just in this trip alone I have cracked jokes with some random guys from the states on the plane, chatted while we were on our way, chatted with my neighbors on the plane and learned that you can travel the world working for the circus. Within the first two days of my travels, this is only day three of five I have befriended some amazing local Costa Ricans who have already given me the lay of the land.

I will be touring a coffee plantation, well actually three tomorrow, so tune in for my next adventure.

Next article I will talk about the way you can travel alone without feeling scared or apprehensive before a trip and how to prepare, especially as a female in this dog eat dog world we live in.

Stay tuned and thanks for checking out globalfoodtraveler.com