Bali and the erupting volcano

Are you a fan of traveling and looking for an escape over the holidays? Are you trying to get to that one destination that you have always wanted to visit?

Are you like me considering a trip from Bali? If you haven't heard there is currently an active volcano erupting in Bali, Indonesia and you may want to reconsider your trip or pay very close attention to the news. You may want to reconsider if the volcano keeps erupting like it is now.

Unfortunately, seeing as I have now tried twice to book a trip to Bali in the last two years, and now the Mount Agung volcano in Bali has started activity again pluming smoke into the air. As a result the closing of the airport in the last 24 hours, stranding 60,000 travelers makes me think, something is stopping me from eating, praying and loving all Bali has to offer.

I tried to head to Bali two years ago, flight booked along with accomodations adn then a typhoon hit Taiwan, the stop over and it caused me to cancel my ticket as a nine day trip was about to turn into a six day trip. Flying for 24 hours to spend only 6 days in a destination is absolutely insane and too much travel, so as a result, the trip was cancelled.

Now I have been doing research for a few weeks and planned to spend time on the romantic and relaxing island and the volcano decides to become more active causing flight cancellations, closed airports and overall panic. As a result, not sure if planning a trip to Bali over the holidays in December is quite the most intelligent idea.

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So, as this global foodie and avid traveler thinks, where to next I will ponder the idea of what if thexplosion of an active volcano spewing red and black lava and toxic air is a place I want to be. I would say not right now, no thanks and where should I travel to next. Any ideas are more than welcomed.