Day 1: Singapore and Bali and peace offerings whilst traveling

peace2Greetings to my fellow travelers from around the globe !

Day one of my adventure overseas is now complete and I couldn't be more blessed to share my travels and offerings with you.

For starters, Singapore and Bali truly have some beautiful sites to see, but more of that in my next post.

Are you wondering what offerings mean? Offerings could mean many things, including the beautiful greeting I received this morning from my fellow neighbor adjacent to my villa in Bali. As I am staying off the beaten path a bit there are locals who also live nearby as well, literally right next door.

The local neighbor who was up early with me around 6AM offered a beautiful hello this morning and invited me to see the land surrounding his home if I am so inclined.

What many don't understand about traveling is that friendly gestures are quite common overseas.

Many in the United States would see this as creepy and strange, and out of the ordinary, however I have learned during my travels, that locals are just wanting to share their land with you. 

To get an idea of where I am staying, photos will be posted later, as the internet is a bit slow, but I am staying on a rice field surrounded by lush greens, villas and gardens. The neighboring home and land is adjacent to the property I am staying on.

As I write this another local neighbor is headed to breakfast with his wife and offered his prayer hands and said a wonderful friendly, "good morning."

This my friends is how life should be lived, with peace, blessings and offerings, whatever that may mean to you.

The additional offering I was given, was a beautiful marigold flower by the neighbor, who told me his name, Titus and said, " A flower for you from your grandfather Titus." Seeing as I no longer have any living grandparents, this truly warmed my heart, as I hope it does yours as you read this.

I now offer you peace, blessings and a beautiful offering from my first morning in beautiful, Bali Indonesia.

Now it is time to explore and I hope you will share my travel blog and come with me on my amazing, and inspiring adventure.