Traveling in style in a Volcanic Zone in Bali

Currently traveling throughout Southeast Asia, starting my trip in Singapore and heading onto Bali, Indonesia I was unsure if I should book my trip.

I was so close to purchasing my airline ticket nearly two months ago, but something was stopping me from doing so.

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One may call it instinct or one may call it intution, but I waited another week or two and then decided, heck why not, ususally the media is blowing things out of proportion, well most of the time anyways.

Then the unthinkable happened. The news started spewing information like that of a volcano. Mount Agung, an active volcano in Bali, Indonesia had erupted a bit panicking the local villagers so they had to leave their homes and belongings behind.

Mind you many of these villagers that live high up on the mountain, live in very small villages and already do not have a lot to bargain for.   In this case, there was concern, especially after the airport closed for 2.5 days and many were stranded at the various villas and resorts througout the islands of Indonesia. 

So, imagine here I am thinking why in the world would I book a trip to Bali, Indonesia?  Bali a place where the locals are trying to escape, potential molten ash and toxic fumes from the active volcano that has been slowly waking up over the years, to finally awaken in late November.

Then something came over me, again maybe intuiton and I decided to book Bali, but by way of Singapore.

Then today, as we were driving to Pedangbay to take the Ekajaya fast boat over to one of three islands, known as Gili Trawagan ( as there is also Gili Air and Gili Meno), we caught sight of the lady in red. Mount Agung was there in it's glory smoking at the top, but not the fiery red artwork found in many internet photos.

It was quite the site to see and at first we were not even sure what we were seeing. What a beautiful, yet delightful surprise to see as her very active self, almost stopped me from living the dream of coming over to Bali. Then we continued on our journey to trek over to the well known islands.

Here I am typing at 1:15 am in my hotel room, on a small island, where horse drawn buggies and bikes are the norm, along with fast boats that bring passengers to the clear crisp water and sandy beaches to come bask in the sun and catch some rays.

If any of you are like me and up for some sort of adventure, then Bali is definitely the place to go. If you are a traveler reading this, please don't let Mount Agung and all her mighty, stop you from traveling to Bali, Indonesia. The locals rely on tourism throughout the country, even off the beaten paths and need you and your hard earned dollars.

In some areas, more than others, mostly touristy areas, they are eager to have you buy one of their many crafts, however they are the kindest, and most friendly people I have ever come across in my travels, maybe with the exception of Australians.

Bali relies on their tourism industry and probably wouldn't be where it is today without it. The cities I have visited thus far include the surfing town of Canggu, Gili Trawangan island and lastly I will complete my trip with the town of Ubud, known ofr it's monkey forest, wood carvings, artwork, jewerly and famous market outdoor market, where you can stroll around stalls of hand made articrafts and beautiful artworks.

So, far my instincts haven't proved me wrong with the locals being such friendly, caring and kind people.

They call you by Ms. or Madame and treat you with the utmost respect, almost as if you are a hint of royalty, as again they rely on tourism dollars to make their hard earned keep. The food is tasty and does not fall short of spice if that is something that will spark your interest.

The shopping scene for clothing and gifts is one that is reasonable and fairly priced. Barterning is common and you can never go wrong with at least trying. Try your hand at the local cuisine in whatever area you travel to and you will not be disappointed.