The basics between domestic airlines versus international carriers

It has been nearly a month since my return from Bali, Indonesia and my trek around one of the most beautiful places I have been in my travels. 

What is really quite interesting is that I am currently writing this article whilst on a Jetblue A320 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Long Beach, California.

One thing I truly love about flying is the time I have to think about all the things I want to accomplish in life, including making this website a go to place for all those who love traveling and wanderlust like I do. I feel like when you are flying, you are able to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle and focus on whatever task you have at hand. I think you are able to look at the window, envision your dreams, including where you want to travel to next and work on a plan to accomplish those dreams.

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Even more intriguing is when you are on an aircraft flown by an amazing carrier, like Jetblue, and the staff is class act and always friendly. They always ensure you have snacks, water and any beverages you desire. I have flown a lot of airlines and still feel Jetblue is the best value, domestically. I just wish they would start flying more flights internationally. With that said flying overseas is a whole different animal. Why do you I say that?

Well, when you fly overseas with a foreign airline it really makes for an exciting flight. I flew on my first domestic carrier to Singapore last month and I wasn't impressed, other than the fact I was able to collection about 15,000 skymiles. Flying the domestic carriers domestically is just fine, but overseas carriers treat you like you are going to a foreign land to be treated like a princess. 

For starters, the foreign airlines flight attendants have a strict dress code, with hair pulled up, and their outfits truly are just a lot classier than the other airlines. Now, yes I get this is minor as the point of the flight attendants is to keep the passengers, safe, happy and fed. However, one thing that urks me when flying overseas is not only the lack of service, but the food is absolutely awful on the domestic carriers.

I flew United airlines, which of course doesn't serve any meals domestically like the majority of airlines these days, but the food to fly overseas could be fed to pigs on a farm. Seeing as pigs eat just about anything that is half edible, it truly should not be served to humans. In addition I had a special gluten free meal which included rice cakes and some awful spread, along with a not so gluten free kit kat bar as a snack. I mean c'mon people how is a kitkat even close to gluten free? Clearly it is not and these carriers need to figure it out. 

I am not here to complain, but compare the difference between the service and such between domestic and international travel. I had started this article to discuss overall travel, but I think because I am on a flight right now, that it turned a bit more into the comparison of domestic versus international travel.

I always love hopping on a flight to head overseas as I admire all the staff from afar that greets you the second you get on a plane and ensures you are comfortable for your next journey.

So far of all the countries I have been to, my favorite airlines are Lufthansa (German carrier), KLM (Dutch), EVA airways (Taiwanese carrier), Quantas Airways (Australia) and Virgin carriers. They are one of the few that fly domestically and take care of their passengers. It woiuld be nice if the carriers would start learning from the top airlines and following suit. Maybe just maybe, they might boost their passengers onboard along with have better luck in service, with happy customers.