NYC weekend galavanting

Looking to get away for a quick weekend trip, but not sure where to head to. A place that I always enjoy visiting is New York City.

If you haven't been to New York City, you should ask yourself why. New York city will always hold a special place in my heart.

Every time I visit I realize why I love vistiing the city. New York has a magic about it, that no other city has. New York has culture from all walks of life, countries and cities around the world. Not to mention the various types of food to choose from is endless.

One thing people may think is that you have to have lots of money to go visit NYC, when in fact you really just need a good pair of walking shoes, enough money to grab snacks and a meal or two and a camera, albeit even if your camera phone can work. Granted if you want to go on a shopping spree around the endless boutiques and stores, then you will want to bring a nice stash of cash. However, if you just want to take photos and enjoy all the cities sites and lights, then no need to break the bank whilst visiting NYC.

This photo below is just one of the many beautifully decorated windows throughout the city.

IMG 9411

One one street corner you could eat a hot dog off a food cart and on the next street corner you could be fine dining at a fancy Restaurant eating escargot. So, why not make the most of a three day or weekend trip to the city that never sleeps, NYC.