The highs of traveling

Are you like me and count down the days until you can go on your next adventure to anywhere, even if it is a one hour drive, singing at the top of your lungs how, 'life is a highway and I want to ride it all night long.?'

Well, then sit down and pull up a chair as you like me must get caught daydreaming of where you want to travel to next. There are so many highs of traveling from packing up your suitcase, to grabbing your neck pillow, to leaving your home to your next adventure as you head to the airport.

You know when you pull up to your local airport, that the excitement ensures as soon as the automatic doors open welcoming you into the abyss of adventure. For me this adventure all started when I went to study abroad in London in September 2011. Ironically, yes the time I was supposed to venture out on this new experience the twin towers were hit and chaos would ensue in New York City five days before my Virgin airways plane was to taxi off on the runway. That definitely is a day that is etched in my mind, but had I not taken that study abroad trip to London in September 2011 I truly don't know where I would be today without the amazing experiencs I have had.

This brings me to my next point, the art of travel and maneuvering around the the airport is a job in itself, but then arrival to said city is where the true art of travel begins. So many people always ask me, how do you travel alone as a female. My first response is, how do you go anywhere alone in your own city? Why not? If someone cannot join me on my trips, then I end up going alone.

Why would I stop my life just because I don't have a travel buddy or companion to enjoy all the world has to offer. I am always amazed when people ask me what it is like to travel as a female and especially alone? Well, what my real response should be what is it like to go to the bathroom by yourself and not bring someone with you? No matter, female or male, everyone needs to experience being alone in their lifetime at some point. It really is freeing to be able to be one with your own thoughts and self and truly get to know yourself. This itself is an art and doing this while traveling brings being alone and contentment to a whole other level.

IMG 5152

The extreme beauty of traveling alone, whether it be in your home country or abroad, is that if you open your heart, soul and mind, you end up meeitng some of the best people who also travel. These are the people who share many of the same thoughts as you and desires to see the world from a nomads eyes.

One of the greatest things about travel is the people you come across, whether you are meant to stay in touch with them for the long term or if they are just another page in the chapter of your novel of adventures.

Recently, I was on a plane returning home from a four day trip and ending up sitting next to a really brilliant human. To keep this story more interesting I will spare the private details of my encounter, but it truly was one to remember. We ended up chatting the entire three and a half hour plane ride and really had great conversation. Sometimes I just want to make little comic strip books of my adventures and travels as the people I meet and come across are what sets apart the every day grind from the real world art of travel. You just share something wtih others who travel that you don't share when you are living the ordinary life day in and day out. It really is a high I cannot explain and I am ecstatic to be going on my next adventure very soon. 

 I can proudly say I have friends around the world for being open minded and traveling alone in many cities. Try it sometime, you might surprise yourself. 

Sending you beach vibes from my travel adventure alone to Bali, Indonesia back in January 2018.