Instanbul a city for splendid shopping and savory eats

I just had to share with you my time abroad whilst sitting on a queens stye couch in Mr. Cas hotel and thinking of all the splendid smells and savory treats and foods here in Instanbul, Turkey.

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As you know I absolutely love traveling and want to share my grateful adventures with all who don't have the opportunity to travel or are not able to make it to some of the places in the world that I have visited. 

As I sit here in the hotel I cannot stop thinking about the splendid foods I have had the pleasure to enjoy while here in Instanbul, Turkey.

Each morning we feasted on the incredible simple, yet delectable breakfast that Mr. Cas hotels has ready for their guests.  If you are looking for a centrally located hotel in the heart of the Taksim district of Instanbul, Mr. Cas is a great location to start out your journey.  One important note is to ask for a room on the inner court, as there is a disco dance club across the way facing the main street, and this could cause a lack of sleep if you are looking to get a good night's sleep.  

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The draw of this hotel is the beautiful marble stairs leading up to the main floor, along with the beautiful chandelier in the entry way and the parlour of rooms that are decorated like you are in a locals home.  Each floor is decorated with gorgeous antique furniture that would be great for a professional photo shoot.  If you are looking for a rowdy night our or a night out shopping, or even an afternoon venturing out to the water or a local boat ride the hotel is located in the heart of the Taksim district.

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It truly is a hotel that is a great getaway to start off your travels in Instanbul, Turkey. Tomorrow we will head to another part of town that is a bit of a different vibe, but if you are looking for a centrally located comfortable and safely located hotel, Mr. Cas is definitely a good choice.