On a budget in Los Angeles or Orange County, California

Are you at home thinking what could I do today on this beautiful day? Are you also wondering gosh it is so hot out, what can I do to stay cool today and how can I do so without spending a lot of money. 

Let me tell you coming from someone who absoultely loves finding activities in and around Los Angeles there are plenty of activities to do that are completely free.

For starters stop feeling sorry for yourself especially if you don't have anyone to join you on an excursion and do what I do many a time, go at it alone. Go see the world alone, go travel, get out of your comfort zone and my best advice to you is just GO!

I stopped waiting around for those people to have time, money and more time for me, and just do what I do best, spend time alone.  Sure are there times that I wish I had people to join me, yes, but other times I am so 100% happy with the idea I do what I want, when I want without having to answer to anyone.

That is how I learn more about myself everyday, is doing things alone. Just yesterday I had a feeling of just doing my own thing, after being invited to a pool party and also an evening out with the girls, but instead I chose to hit the beach down south. Yes, the traffic was bad, as I took Pacific Coast highway (also known as highway 1) and hit the beach in Laguna beach. 

There is a special beach that I found that is more secluded, but clearly my idea of hitting the beach wasn't just my idea alone. The rest of Southern California had the same idea and there was barely any parking in sight. I got lucky but had to take a bit of a hike and the secret beach was a lot further and a danger walk on the side of the road, so I chose to just land at the closest beach entrance I could find. It was certalnly okay as I spent a few hours to myself, watching the surfers, tourists and small kids pick up and pile up seaweed to their hearts content. The beach is one of the most soothing and claming things to do and it is always free to partake in on.

IMG 3445

Another great thing you can do is visit a local park or a museum. Sometimes museums will have free entrance during certain times, so just check out your local paper or online information center for this information.  Hiking is another great adventure that is available in LA and the OC. One place that is fun for people watching is Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. You might even get lucky and see an A-list celebrity or two.  Another great option if you are going south of LA and heading to Orange County, especially during the summer time is to check out all the options for art in the city.

Since 1933 Laguna beach has been home to the Festival of the Arts and is more popularly known for Pageant of the Masters. For those that are exploring around Laguna, the Pageant of the Masters is what began in 1933 with a small stage and not much excitement. Then Pearl harbor happened in the mid 1940's and the locals were worried they would not ever see a show again, but 85 years later the Pageant of the Master's is in full swing. You can get tickets for as long as $25.00 to see a spectacular show, (especially with this years theme of being all about the history of Laguna beach.  Before the show you can visit a few of the art galleries or check out the Sawdust festival which has artists creating anything from photography on metal pieces to beautiful high end jewelry, art or class. 

One of my absolute favorite artists that showcases at the festival and makes the best and classiest bottle stoppers for wine or any sort of decorative bottle, is Alex Fritz glass. I also love all the jewelry that is available, from lower end affordable prices to the classy pieces that might break the bank, so if that is not for your budget, then stick with the more afforable art. Do note that the Pageant of the Master's begins the first week of July and ends the first weekend in September, typically Labor day weekend for any of you out of towners.  I personally just saw the show last night and was truly impressed at this years ensemble, so it is a must see, if you have never been, it is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime.