Why traveling solo is more freeing than ever.

Have you considered heading out on a solo adventure, but you are afraid, intimidated or full of anxiety?

Well, I am here to tell you that you aren't alone on your feelings of being afraid and overwhlemed.  From one solo female traveler to another I want you to know you are capable and can do this, despite some feelings holding you back.  As I am part of an online networking group I have come to realize that traveling as a solo female is not something everyone can do.  My love for international travel started when I went to study abroad in London in 2011 , just four days after September 11, 2001.  My mother at the time didn't want her 20 year old daughter leaving to a foreign country, especially when the United States was under demise.  I knew studying and living abroad would change the way I looked at the word and it did exactly that.

I owe my love for travel and especially solo female travel to my time living and studying in London in 2001.  Since then I have worked and lived in Spain and in Germany and it has molded me into the individual that I am now. Independent, strong, determined and open to see so much more of the world.