Austin and the Wild(er) Wood Restaurant that's dedicated to gluten free foodies

A long weekend  trek to San Antonio, Texas for Memorial day I also took the opportunity  and made detour to Austin, Texas.

As I have so many friends that have moved there and talked so highly of the city I figured why not check it out. As many would have it, eating out when you must only stick with gluten and dairy free options, can be quite daunting and frustrating. My friend and I made our way through a bit of Memorial day traffic, I googled gluten free restaurants. To my dismay and surprise I came upon a few options on yelp and starteding doing my research,  but when I read gluten free calamari on the menu I knew I knew we had to make a stop to eat. 


Upon arriving into Austin, we made a stop at a few local shops and then detoured to  the Wilder Wood Restaurant & BAr, at 1300, E 7th Street, Austin, Texas 78702.  Upon arrival we noticed very few cars in the parking lot, which may have had something to do with the fact everyone was probably in their backyards cooking and grilling for the holiday weekend.  This made it a nice place to try on a holiday weekend as the hustle and bustle of ordinary Restaurants wasn't there until a few hours after we sat down.  The server and man running the house happened to be named Austin just like the city  and he was great in explaining the menu and letting us know the entire menu was 100% dedicated gluten free.  This is heaven for someone who knows they cannot and should not eat gluten.


What did this mean for me? This meant I could actually have gluten free calamari that was surprisingly cooked in rice oil instead of canola oil, too, say what???? It is all too common when dining out, that restaurants use cheap oils, like that of canola or vegetable oil. Many don't realize nor need to ask what their food is being cooked in, but canola oil is no longer a heathy oil, and truly never was, but so many fail to realize this. So many Americans look to the American heart association for what is best in regards to what oils to use, but sadly so a lot of this information is outdated and unclear. 

This leads me to talk about healthy omegas in oils and that most restaurants are not using healthy oils when cooking even the most healthy foods, be it vegetables or grass fed animal meat. It was so gratifying to know that not only could I go to a restaurant that was using rice oil, but I could also eat just about anything I wanted on the menu, including the calamari that I was so excited about.  Rice oil is not the ideal oil to use, but it sure is better than canola oil or soybean oil, as both are commonly gmo (genetically modified oils). However, rice oil takes the cake in this case, but it would be nice if restaurants started to adopt the policy of using more EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), grapeseed oil or even avocado oil. 

IMG 8706

My original plan was gluten free fried chicken, but upon arrival, it was explained that the batter was actually was mixed with buttermilk, so I wasn't able to have the chicken. By all means if you live in or around Austin or visit the city, do go have some gluten free fried chicken on my behalf. Now, if like me you are lactose intolerant, then just go for the calamari.  Either way having confort food was so gratifying and a real treat.  I also ordered buffalo wings off the menu and these were not only gluten free, but dairy free as well.  Lastly, for dessert I ordered a dessert that was similar to a whoopie pie crossing a hostess cake. It was truly delightful and a treat to be able to order just about anything off the menu.  You must go visit Wild(er) Wood restaurant when you head into Austin your next visit.