Cuba's people & food

Anyone ever thing of booking a trip to Cuba? Are you one of the many who is perplexed on how to organize your travel to Cuba? Well, that is why you have come to the this website  You have found the right place to learn all things Cuba, including on how to get visas and arrange your travel.

If you didn't know the USA has allowed traveled in between Cuba now for the last few months and many more Americans are taking to the friendly skies to see what the amazing Cuban culture is all about. Great food, great people, dancing, beaches and more. As of right now I do not have a photo that I can post, as my travel is coming up soon, but as soon as I return I will be sure to post a photo from my excursion and update you on all things Cuban, including the cigars, that everyone is always talking and asking about. I am not at all promoting smoking, but what is Cuba known for by so many? Of course Cuba is known for the cigars, that is no secret. Secret will be out once I travel to Cuba and return in February 2017. Stay tuned from my adventure abroad.