National Geographic's best beaches

Are you reading this and thinking, wow that photo is absolutely spectacular? Are you seeing the photo and thinking gosh I wish winter would end as that beach looks so very cold, yet beautiful? Well, you in fact are correct on both fronts of those posed questions.

Iceland's top beach As National Geographic posted some of the 21 best beaches in the world it inspired me to write this article. Why do you ask? Well, the exact photo that was taken by National Geographic is very similar to the photo I took when I visited Iceland in March of 2016. The beauty that is in Iceland and all that it has to offer is like no other country I have ever laid foot in. With that said, don't get me wrong there is so much uninhabited beauty around the globe, that it is hard to compare Iceland to another place anywhere in the world. However, that is not to say there are not other incredible places to visit across the globe. 


That is the enchantment and wonderment of traveling and all it has to offer. Traveling truly feeds the soul and having been fortunate enough to travel to many countries around the world, it truly is something that you cannot compare anything else to. The experiences and people you meet while traveling are like nothing else I have ever imagined. Not to mention it is always amazing and convenient when you have places around the globe to crash if you choose to book a trip to say, Australia, Germany or even locally in Napa, California for some wine tasting.

Iceland is definitely an incredible place that everyone must visit once in their lifetime if not more. Their famous Blue Lagoon, bubbling earth, waterfalls, foods, bars, and fantastic shopping. Don't be fooled though, spring time in Iceland, isn't what an experienced traveler like myself would expect in March. Spring in Iceland is really like early Spring after winter in New England. How's that for warmth?

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